How to Win in Teen Patti

How to Win in Teen Patti

Teen Patti is an Indian variant of poker. It is certainly one of the most, if not the most popular card game in the country. It can be played in physical premises or on online casino platforms. It is not just a gambler’s jam but is enjoyed across the nation even by families on special occasions and festivals. It is a fun and entertaining light-hearted game for all.

It is a must-try card game for people who are interested in trying their hands on such games. Anyone who knows to play poker can get a hang of it easily but there are still some well-kept secrets of strategizing for this game of cards. This blog has all that you need to know for a sure-shot win in Teen Patti every time you play.

Read on to unveil the best hacks to win at Teen Patti every time!

What is Teen Patti

Teen Patti, translating to Three Cards, is an Indian card game widely popular among gambling enthusiasts and families alike. It is also known as ‘Flush’ or ‘Flash’ and is played using a regular deck of cards without the Joker card.

This game has a maximum limit of 10 players and has almost the same set of rules as poker. It starts with placing a bet and collecting the ‘boot’ amount. As a game proceeds, the boot amount keeps on multiplying and of course, the winner gets it all.

The winner is the one with the highest hand. According to the game rules, here’s the hierarchical order of the cards in descending order:

  • Trail or set: These three cards of the same rank
  • Pure sequence or Straight Flush: Three consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Sequence or run: Consecutive cards of different suits
  • Color: Three non-consecutive cards of the same suit
  • Pair: Two cards of the same rank, highest rank wins
  • High card: None of the other sets are made. In this case, the highest or second-highest card will decide the winner

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s dive into the right strategy to win!

Start Slow

The most intimidating factor for any player is when their opponent knows the game too well and knows what they’re doing just right. Assert your dominance in the group as you start by agreeing on the stakes you want to play on. Further, remember to take baby steps. Start with low bids and eventually work your way up to higher bets confidently when you have strong hands.

Play Blind

The better you are at bluffing and showcasing your confidence, the more people will be intimidated in playing with you. The best advocate for this strategy is playing blind. Playing blind means not seeing your cards while placing bets. This ends up really confusing your opponent and at the same time increases the pot amount tremendously. The best part is,  if the players who have seen their cards have a weak hand, you have an upper hand in the game even when you don’t know your cards. Moreover, you can see your cards at any point in the game so that’s not much of a hassle in the long run either.


When you call for slideshow, the last person who placed the bet will show you his hand, that is, all his cards. Although you need to make sure that neither of you is playing blind. This allows you to compare your hand with the opponent and the one with greater hand plays next. Once you opt for a slideshow, the cards of both the players are exposed and it can determine who wins the game and takes it all.

Read Gestures

During the course of the game, players often let their expressions and gestures speak volumes about their cards. Especially when it comes to new players, they are usually not the best at keeping a poker face. This can tell you a lot about the hand of your opponents and prevent you from making mistakes. Closely observe the expressions, playing pattern, body language, and gestures of each of your opponents and know just what is in their minds.

Place Mindful Bets

There is no better way to bluff other players than this in the game of Teen Patti. First thing, you should not let weak cards impact your expressions or gestures. Be headstrong about winning and confuse your opponents to such an extent that they give up and fold. Secondly, it is important to take risks in this game. You should go ahead and place bets sometimes when you don’t have the strongest hand, but make sure it doesn’t get you in a win-all-lose-all situation. It should always be related to the strength of your strong hand. This is another way to make your opponents think that you have stronger cards than you actually do and they end up losing their morale.

When in Doubt-Fold

Patience and intuition is the key to success with this game. If it feels like you don’t really have the best chances at winning, go with your gut, and fold the cards. This means you don’t have to add any more chips in the pot during that particular hand. With this, you can efficiently save any further losses.

Teen Patti is a perfect blend of strategy and luck. Don’t get disheartened if you lose a few games, it is only a lesson for future expertise! Get yourself a deck of cards and enjoy yourself with friends and family!

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