Teen Patti, the Indian variant of three card poker, is probably the most popular and beloved card game in India. Enjoyed by people of all ages, this game has made its way to the international market in recent years. Today people all over the world have access to this game via online casino platforms.

Gambling is in an unclear zone of legalities in India. Despite the confusion, this game, in particular, is enjoyed not only by gambling lovers but even families during special occasions and festivities. Be it a wedding get-together, a kitty party, the festival of Deepawali, or Holi- you might spot families enjoying a round or two of Teen Patti. They might not play the game with money but gifts and prizes but it holds a special place in the hearts of Indians nonetheless.

Teen Patti can be confusing if you don’t know the rules of the game clearly. It can even lead you to make wrong moves and lose your bets. If you want to learn all about this game, you’ve landed in the right spot! Read on to find out about the rules of this game!

Let’s get started!

Teen Patti- Overview

Teen Patti is an age-old card game that originated in India. Resultantly, it has a ‘desi’ (indigenous) appeal to it. This game is often called by its alias- ‘Flush’ or ‘Flash’. The Hindi name ‘Teen Patti’ literally translates to ‘Three Cards’, hinting its link to the western game of ‘Three-Card Brag’. Both these games are basically the variations of the global favorite casino game- ‘poker’.

The boom of the internet and virtual community, this game is now available on numerous international online casino platforms. This increased its popularity because now players can access it anywhere via their cellular devices and have a range of variations they can choose from online.

How to Play

Teen Patti is a game you can master with practice. A few foolproof strategies and basic counting skills can help you bag all that boot every time. However, before you start employing your strategies, it is necessary to get in line with the rules of the game.


Before the game starts, the players need to collect a pre-determined ‘boot’ or ‘ante’ amount which generally goes in the center of the playing arena. The betting usually starts from the player next to the dealer.

Entry Fee

A boot is basically a forced bet wherein all the players place an equal amount of money or chips into the pot before the deal begins. The boot paid by each player ensures that the player who folds every round loses money, thus providing each player with an incentive to play the hand when the opening bet reaches them.


If a player is temporarily away from their seat and misses the boot, they require to post to re-enter the game. This means that they must pay the applicable boot to the pot for the next hand that they participate in. In this case, the amount to be posted is the amount of the ante at the time the player missed them.


A blind is a kind of bet placed into the pot in a way that simulates bets made during play by any number of players before the deal begins. The most common use of blind bets are

  • The player next to the dealer blinds approximately half of a normal bet (small blind)
  • The next player blinds a whole bet (big blind).

Some casinos set an upper limit on the number of times a player can bet blind.

Call and Raise

After the boot is collected, regular betting starts with the next player putting his bet amount in the pot. These bets can be divided into two components:

  • The call
  • The raise

Both these are commonly known as ‘chaal’ (move). Each player places a bet that is at least equal to the previous player’s bet, with the option of raising the bet. This new amount, whether equal or raised, becomes the new standard of the bet.


Now that we have the basic structure of the game all sorted, let’s move on to the different moves you can use while playing Teen Patti.

  • Blind: Playing blind means not seeing your cards while placing bets by guessing the strength of your card.
  • Chaal: You can place your bet based on the strength of your cards or choose to fold if the combination is not favorable and you might end up losing the hand
  • Slideshow or Backshow: Slideshow is the step where the last person who placed the bet is required to show you his hand. It is a great option when you are confident that you have a better hand than your opponent. You need to place your bet before requesting a slideshow, and ensure that the player is not playing blind.
  • Show: The game progresses in this manner until either everyone packs except one player who wins the game or either of the last two players pay for a ‘slideshow’ which exposes the cards and the highest value cards win.

Ranking of Cards

The aim of teen patti is to have the top 3-cards in hand and to increase the pot before the end of the game. In this game, Aces are of the highest ranks and 2 is the lowest. Keep this in mind while judging your combinations. Moving on, the card rankings in descending order are:

  • Trail or set (three cards of the same rank)
  • Pure sequence or Straight Flush (three consecutive cards of the same suit)
  • Sequence or run (Consecutive cards of different suits)
  • Color (three non-consecutive cards of the same suit)
  • Pair (two cards of the same rank, highest rank wins)
  • High card (none of the other sets are made. The highest or second-highest card will decide the winner)

Teen Patti is an extremely exciting and fun game for all ages and occassions. If you enjoy the game, sign up at an online casino and get gaming!

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